Patient Feedback

Here at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre we're always interested to hear from our patients.

It's nice to know if we've made your time with us the best it could be. Likewise we like to know if we've gone wrong anywhere and you feel it could be improved.

We hope this page will grow into a blog of patient's comments about our service so we'd love you to add your thoughts.

Maybe it's about how happy you are about how we've been with a family member or how relieved you are it's now all done. On the other hand you might have been a patient and seen how we could develop.

All your comments are helpful, even the ones assisting us to progress for others.

Please feel free to add your comments in the space provided, click submit and one of our team will check it over and we'll put it up and watch the page grow.

If you have a comment but don't want it to appear here please click here to contact us.

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